Unfuck the World

Free speech is protected by the first amendment in America. But it was under attack by left-wing political correctness policy. Thank God. Four years ago, American voters made a wise choice to elect a president who corrects the course. Otherwise, America would turn into a messy world like Europe today. I felt blessed that President Trump started to unfuck the world so that my child can still enjoy the free speech for decades to come.

Free speech is also written in the evil regime’s constitution. But it has been empty words for seven decades! For generations, sheeple felt OK about it as long as their rice bowls and money pockets are both full. (In fact, even in hunger or poverty, they still lived with it in the past.) It is not until last week that a large portion of young people finally wake up and demand free speech openly. It is started by a tragedy that a doctor who warned of the pandemic outbreak got silencing by the local police and then he died of the virus infection.

The sick regime doesn’t need any magical anti-viral drugs from us. The only cure is FREE SPEECH. Nothing else. 17 years ago, I witnessed there was a cover-up in the SARS outbreak. Now, I learned that there is another cover-up in the Coronavirus outbreak. But how about tomorrow? There is no end to the Goddamned things until we break the vicious cycle by allowing free speech and free press.

When I read papers on encrypted network traffic classification, I found that most if not all researchers are from a couple of oppressing regimes by looking up their last names. While the researchers in the free world are busy making our world better, those shameless educated bastards are working hard to fuck up the world.

I’m proud to be an American. I love land of the free. Being a citizen in the free world, I’m happy to help unfuck the world.

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