The Chinese Virus

I’m not Italian, Iranian, Japanese or Korean. I’m Chinese American. So you can NOT label me as racist or xenophobic if I’m calling the COVID-19 virus as the Chinese virus or the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Can any other racial group call it the Chinese virus? Yes, it is perfectly fine with me. It is a convention that the virus is named after the place of origin. However, it is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to make you think this is offensive.

But why? We have offended the people living along the Ebola river and living in the Zika forest for decades. Why do we double standard or even triple standard by ourselves? Where is the logic?

Perhaps, the Ebola African or the Zika African can’t pay the bribery $20 million to WHO like the evil regime did to correct the name. Sorry, you guys deserve it.

Political correctness is the worst cultural product created by the radical left. In essence, it is censorship that can not be tolerated by any modern Western civilization.

Stereotype or prejudice can NOT be corrected by imposing political correct policy to force everyone to use or not to use an arbitrary set of specific words.

NY Times is a left-wing news outlet. It once posted a tweet to report the progress being made for minority groups such as black and Latino on math. But see how stupid the way correct their reporting. The word black and the Latino have disappeared. Some of their elite editors think it is inappropriate to call out their names in the report. Either the educated elite editor is afraid that the report implies those kids suck at math or the Black or the Latino don’t exist at all. Either way, the value of the news report dropped because of political correctness censorship.

If you can not discuss the problem openly, how can you solve the problem directly?

The Coronavirus outbreak happened not once but twice in mainland China. Why? It is all because of Chinese disgusting habits: eating protein from the wild game meat.

The pandemic is the act of God/Nature who punishes humans for disturbing food chain balance. Please eat what you need but not what you want. But the Chinese ignored the signal sent from above in 2003. At that time we called the Coronavirus as SARS, instead of the Chinese virus.

To prevent the 3rd Coronavirus outbreak in the future, I will keep calling it:

The Chinese Virus

The Chinese Virus

The Chinese Virus

Until the Chinese wake up and stop eating wild animals.

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2 Responses to The Chinese Virus

  1. Len Saunders says:

    Thanks for posting. You of course are 100% correct. The truth should always be recognized as the truth. I know many will use a name of a region as a slam, but they would criticize whoever and whatever was protest or learned anywhere and to anyone. Their ignorance is deafening.

    • modeerf says:

      Agreed. Free speech is essential to our free world. The radical left are eager to label those who share different opinions and silence them. Even they are truly a**hole. Let them speak. Every sane person can tell without PC censorship.

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