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Land of the free is under unprecedented attack from the invisible enemies — the Chinese virus. Our health care heroes are in urgent need of medical PPE such as N95 masks, face shields, gowns, and safety goggles.

To support our front line troops, I decided to make medical PPE at home.

I owned one MP select mini 3D printer for years. But its built volume is too small to make anything useful. So I ordered a bigger one. However, in the time of crisis, FDM based manufacturing production is far too slow. It took 3 hrs to print a set of face shield part.

So, I changed my game plan. I placed an order of a Brother sewing machine to speed up the production. Following one of the face shield designs from GetUsPPE website, I improved it and shared my face shield 2.0 design in my repository. I ram up face shield production dramatically from 3 hrs per one face shield by a 3D printer to only 15 minutes per one face shield by a sewing machine. Within 3 days, I made and donated a total of 53 face shields by using every 3 hrs in the first 3 days of the workweek.

We won WWII because of our almighty domestic manufacturing power. If our helmets, bullets or Sherman tanks were built in Japan or Germany, we could not win the war.

But now our 3M N95 masks, most medical PPE and even life-saving medicine are all manufactured in an evil regime that is openly against our universal value. How can we win a war if the medical weapons are in the hands of others?

I understood the comparative advantage in the economy. But the evil regime doesn’t respect free trade at all. It is high time revising our trade policy and bringing back high-end manufacturing to the US.

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