How Pew Research Rigged the Poll

In the 2016 Vice President debate, Harris quoted a conclusion from Pew Research that "across 14 countries surveyed, including the U.S., a median of 19% say they have confidence in President Xi, and a median of 17% say the same of President Donald Trump."

Is that a truth?

Let see how "reputable" "none-partisan" Pew Research reached this conclusion from their survey.

Compare the median confidence by the number of the country?

Wow. Does Pew Research know that the population of Belgium is 11M while the population of North Carolina is also 11M. But the researchers aggregated the number by giving the same weight of Belgium to the entire United States of America.

The aggregated approach is absurd.

So what is the meaningful measure by the population size of the country?

I calculated in a spreadsheet. Across 14 countries, the confidence over President Trump is 26.30%, while Emperor Xi 17.72%.

People trust Trump more than Xi.

The researchers in Pew Research were excited that Harris quoted their rigged conclusion from the VP debate. They celebrated in their tweet here.

The schools in Communist China never teach me Critical Thinking. But I bet American kids don’t get that either from public schools.

Lesson learned today: "Distrust and Verify"

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