Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine

I finished the book in 2 weeks. Once you pick it up, you can hardly put it down.

The movie Mr. Jones inspired me to know more about the history of Holomodor — a man-made famine in which the Soviet Union committed genocide against Ukrainian during the 1930s.

Both Russian and Ukrainian share the same ancestral root of East Slavs since the medieval time of Kievan Rus. But the Communism ideology made Stalin and his commissars deliberately wipe out 5 million innocent lives for enforcing the unpopular collectivization farming policy, cracking down on the Ukrainian nationalism movement, importing the Western industrial machinery with foreign money earned from expropriating peasants’ grain.

Communism is evil. Yet atrocities committed by the Soviet Union in Ukraine are far beyond one’s wildest imagination.

It is a dark chapter of human history. But we should never forget it. Thus, our future generation will not repeat it.

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