Crime against Humanity in Ukraine

Watching a democratically elected government falling to the hands of a dictatorship regime makes my stomach sick.

The free world stood by over the invasion. Both US and EU pick and choose the sanctions to minimize the impacts on their interests at an indecisive and slow pace.

We, unfortunately, elected a weak and zero-energy POTUS. For the record, I didn’t vote for him. This fragile and mentally-incapable man was supposed to enjoy his golden years. But he chose to carry the burden of leading a free world which he was by no means capable of even in his prime age.

Let’s see how he did his job.

At 10 PM EST Feb 23rd, 2022. The dictator declared sending his "peacekeeping" troops to two east states of Ukraine. POTUS made a one-sentence statement: "Let’s pray for Ukrainian." WTH? FDR didn’t fight the Nazis by praying.

At 1:30 PM EST Feb 24th, 2020. After having his 13 hrs-long good rest, he announced sanctions on two non-essential state-own banks in the authoritarian regime. WTF? That’s too little. Ukraine was under a full-blown invasion on all fronts.

At 2:00 PM EST Feb 25th, 2020. After finding the dictator didn’t give a fudge on the sanction, POTUS sanctioned Sberbank and VTB — the two largest banks in the regime and froze the foreign assets of the Oligarchs buddies of the dictator. Yet, the ultimate sanction — cutting off Swift is STILL not on the table.

By now, everything the free world has done to help Ukraine is too little and too late. Innocent Ukrainians were suffering like hell.

As of Saturday, Feb 26th, 2020, the "peacekeeping" troops got close to the capital city Kyiv. Their fake news army spread the rumors that Ukrainian President Zelensky abandoned his people and escape with the help of the CIA.

But no. This brave man posts his status of soliciting external help on Twitter every hour since the beginning of the invasion and encourages Ukrainian men and women to pick up their weapons and protect their homes. I even found a picture of him wearing bulletproof armor, carrying weapons, and personally in charge of the defense of Kyiv.

Before that, fake news media like NYTimes wrote an OpEd mocking Zelensky an incompetent President who switches his job from a stand-up comedian. But I admire him because that’s what the true leader of the free world should have done: encourage his people at the darkest hour and lead them to fight for freedom against tyranny.

The future of Ukraine is uncertain, but I believe the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

God bless Ukraine.

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